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Striking Feature of The Institution

Situated on 02 acres of land beside the entrance of Rangpur Cantonment in a lovely natural setting-a bit away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
Biggest Bengal Medium School and College in North Bengal.
Run by a strong Governing Body headed by a senior Army officer.
Army Principle.
Discipline of student and teachers equally important
Outstanding result in public examinations with 100% success.
Excellent achievement in Scholarship examinations.
A Computer Lab with modern facilities.
Well-equipped science laboratories (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).
Regular parents meeting and exchange of views.
Encouraging the students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.
Inter Area/Inter House competition on games like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Cricket, Badminton and scrabble etc.
Inter Area/Inter House literary competition like-Debate, Recitation, Music, Hand writing, Drawing etc.
Science Fair, Fruits Festival, Class Party etc.
Large, comfortable, well-ventilated and well-decorated class rooms.
Emergency and primary medical service for the students and staff.
Qualified and experienced teaching staff.
In service training for teachers.
Well-planned academic building and play ground.
Strict prohibition on manhandling of the students.

Our College is the best choice for your Child